Technical Editing

Technical editing of a knitting pattern consists in multiple stages of checks regarding consistency of all information, instructions, and techniques. It requires being sharp-eyed and detail oriented. I work hand in hand with designers, helping them to offer knitters the best possible knitting experience. Spend less time for pattern support and more time for creating new patterns.

The technical editing process is usually done in two steps, the first step is for providing the designer feedback to improve the pattern, it is the longest, the second step is for verifying changes made and ensure everything is still correct. The first step usually takes about a week, for the second step, I can usually get back to you within a day. More steps can be added if needed, for example after testing, if many changes were required. I also offer a quick complimentary read-through just before the pattern is launched, if you so wish, as having an extra pair of eyes go through it all is always a good idea at this stage.

Basic services

  • Check basics needs, like consistency between yarn and needles, other required supplies and notions, abbreviations.
  • Check the different stages of the pattern, if there are more than one part, that all parts are explained, and that they are in a logical order.
  • Check the instructions.
    • Check the math behind the stitch numbers through increases, decreases, repeats, etc.
    • Check that all rows are present, without inconsistencies.
    • Check that the measurements are coherent with the gauge and number of stitches and rows.
  • Check consistency between schemas, pictures, and instructions.
  • Check that each abbreviation is used consistently and has a precise explanation.
  • General checks concerning spelling, grammar, typography, consistency of style across the pattern, consistency between written instructions and diagrams (lace, cables, colorwork), clarity of explanations.
  • Advice on pictures scenography.
  • Advice on composition and presentation.

Optional services

  • Create written instructions from diagrams.
  • Create diagrams from written instructions. Charts made using Stitchmastery, the source files will be provided too.
  • Create a document stylesheet.
  • Write the full actual pattern.
  • Conversion of files into PDF.
  • Grading.
  • Copy editing for your other texts, newsletter, blog posts, Ravelry pattern page


My rates for editing is 32.40 € / hour, with a minimum of one hour per order, and billed by 10 minutes increments (5.4 €). Those prices are VAT (20 %) included. (Hourly rate without VAT is 27 €.) Do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.

The quote will be function of the complexity and length of the pattern. Accessories are usually between 1h and 2h30, garments between 2h and 6h.

It is always better to do the technical editing before the test. Another lighter tech editing can be done after all the changes from the test have been incorporated.

Translations English/French and French/English

In addition to translation work I do for my patterns, I offer my services to the designers who wish to offer their patterns in English and French. Wether you are an English speaking designer and want to provide a French translation, or are a French speaking designer and want to provide an English translation. (But in that case, you probably got the French version of this page.)

Rates are the same as for tech editing above.